Christmas Gift Guide

Are you looking for the perfect gift?

Finally is December! The holiday season, time to give and share with your beloved ones, time to tell and show them how much you care about and time to pass this special moments with them.

 Of course, we know how hard it can be to find the perfect gift for that special someone, could be your mom, daughter, sister,friend or maybe yourself. Why not make a gift to yourself for this special Christmas day. You deserve it,you have been working hard all year round.Make it special for you and your beloved ones!

In Analogias we believe in combination of love and fashion and are here to give the best Christmas Gift Guide.

All our products once shipped, have an elegant burgundy paper wrap and an exclusive and beautiful box, so there's not even need to wrap it as a present when it arrives.

Analogias Christmas Present

Here's the options for matching mother and daughter outfits:


If you are looking  for someone with a classic taste, our CHECKED DRESS SET with the special silver touch can be the perfect solution. These matching dresses are made with an exclusive Italian fabric and with a unique design that gives femininity and elegance to the mother and fun and innocence to the daughter. It makes a perfect mother and daughter matching dress for special occasions like Christmas and New Year’s celebration.



If you want a special present for someone with a casual style, our STRIPED DRESS SET is perfect for an everyday use, for a fun and styled outfit. These matching dresses are easily combined as they are made with a high quality red and blue striped fabric, which plays with different geometrical cuts giving it a fun but feminine touch. This dress can easily be transformed from a more casual outfit with a short jacket into a more formal occasion with the right accessories and a coat. This design also comes with a STRIPED SHIRT version, in case you are not looking for a dress but for something easily combined with skirt or trousers for a casual but elegant ,easy to use look.


If you are looking for a present with a more modern and feminine look, our BLACK DOTS DRESS SET will be the perfect match. These mother and daughter matching dresses have a unique and feminine design, this outfit full of carefully selected details include feminine cut outs under transparent circled texture fabric with raglan ruffled sleeves for the mother and a white contrast dress for the daughter with black ruffled details. This design also comes with a BLACK DOTS SHIRT and BLACK DOTS SKIRT version, in case you are looking for easy to combine pieces with delicate and exclusive design details.


And if you want a unique and exclusive present, we have a limited edition with our TWEED SKIRTS SET. These skirts are made with an authentic French Malhia Kent tweed fabric, making these skirts one of a kind  and with a special abstract face design that gives that special colour detail. This mother and daughter set have a pencil skirt design for the mother and a fun A-shape design for the girl.

Don’t forget that all our designs have a complementary HEADBAND ACCESSORIES for girls that matches our outfits. All our exclusive headbands are handmade with the same exclusive materials as our designs to give a complete look for the girls and accentuate the femininity, fun and elegance of our clothes.

You can always buy the matching sets or the outfits separately for anyone you want to feel special and unique.

In Analogias, we understand that sometimes we might get the wrong present for someone, especially the size, but don't worry! We have flexible Changes and Return Policies to be able to deliver the perfect size and design.

Are you still not sure what to give to that special someone? Our GIFT CARDS can be the perfect solution. You can choose between different amounts starting from 25€ up to 200€, matching any budgets and letting that person to be able to choose exactly what they want and what they like from our wide offer.


All our pieces are made with the best materials, including French and Italian fabrics from Maliah Kent, the environmental organic fiber, Cupro that overcomes cotton in many physical characteristics and with an environmental background. If you want to learn more about Cupro and our materials you can read it HERE.